Command & Control through the "The APP"

A central aspect of the LiveSmart system is the 'app'.  There are versions for both iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones.  It features a nice Dashboard showing an "at a glance" of view of your main status with "hot links" that allow you to simply "tap" into the area you want to see in more detail or control.  The screens are easy to navigate and provide complete command/control of all your devices and many of your events.  Easy and elegant.

  • Camera view

    Camera view

    Keep an eye on your home or business.
  • Lock screen

    Lock screen

    Make sure everything is locked up. Or, remotely unlock your home for a visitor.
  • Irrigation screen

    Irrigation Screen

    Easy-to-use smart irrigation system
  • Multiple Properties

    Multiple Properties

    Easily toggle between multiple properties.
  • App Login

    App Login

    App log-in screen
  • App Store

    App Store

    Find us easily in the app store.
  • Ipad home screen

    Ipad home screen

    iPad Home Screen
  • Ipad house lights

    IPAD house lights screen

    iPad house lights screen
  • IPAD screen- battery life

    IPAD screen- battery life

    iPad screen- battery life
  • IPAD screen- window status

    IPAD screen- window status

    iPad screen- window status
  • IPAD climate control screen

    IPAD climate control screen

    iPad climate control screen