Three Common Mistakes People Make When Setting Up Home Automation Or Security Systems

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Home automation or a security system are investments that help in upgrading and securing your current living space or business. These systems take every aspect of your home or business, making it simpler, comfortable, and safer for you and your loved ones. However, installing smart devices requires the right expertise and necessary tools to ensure optimal placement within your area. Moreover, you need to understand which features and functionality are needed while installing the systems to avoid breakdown of the system.

Fortunately, you can prevent any malfunctions or other problems by letting a professional handle the installation process. They will tailor for you a complete solution that matches your plans, budget, and requirements. To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove costly, LiveSmart Technologies. has put together three of the most common mistakes people make when setting up home automation and security systems.

1. Everything works out of the box
The product is advertised and purchased on Amazon or at Best Buy. They take it home, plug it in, follow the instructions, and then you may encounter problems.

There are going to be issues because the technology has many components to it, such as your WiFi and Internet, which the manufacturer of the product has no control over. So then the buyer has to spend time on the phone with tech support (sometimes multiple tech support calls) to get things working.

The solution for this is to hire a pro who understands all this and has worked on similar problems before.

2. Doing it yourself
Another mistake is assuming you can handle all the installations on your own. Light switches can be tricky, and the “smart” ones are different sizes that may not fit into your existing electrical junction box. The installation may require a new box put in.

Similarly, the door lock may not be right for your door, and it will need modifications to get things to fit right. Another example is ensuring good wireless signal coverage in the home. A large home or business building may require special “tricks” in order to get all the devices to work well together in the system. The pro has likely seen the problems before and developed these techniques already.

Hiring a professional who understands radio frequency (RF) communication is needed to,

a) Identify what’s wrong and then,

b) Fix it.

Be sure to ask your pro if they understand this. Maybe even ask the expert to give you an example of how they solved an RF problem in the past.

3. Assuming wireless cameras are good enough
Wireless (WiFi) cameras are nice because they are relatively easy to set up. However, they get their signal from your router’s WiFi which has other demands on it and occasionally “goes down.” Now your cameras are no longer working and recording. Plus, you could have “outages” where the signal gets choppy or grainy.

The best solution is to have a pro wire in dedicated Ethernet lines to provide the best possible robust signal. This will preserve both the clarity of the camera image and the reliability of continuous recording.

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