A Beginner’s Guide To A Smart Home

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A Smart Home is a property that features one or more “smart devices” that can be monitored and controlled via your smartphone or other smart devices. This is a fast-growing area as it is highly convenient and makes everyday life so much easier as technology advances. There are many benefits to making your home a smart one, and we want to educate people on what a Smart Home is and isn’t. 

To avoid the confusion and stress that can emerge when installing your own smart devices as a Do It Yourself (DIY) project, the experts at LiveSmart Technologies have come up with a beginner’s guide to a Smart Home. 

Getting Started

Have a plan: Think about what is most important for you to (a) control while you are away from your home, (b) what you would like automated, and (c) what you would like to be notified about based on certain conditions or events in your home.

Contact a professional: 1) Contact us to have a general discussion and demonstration about what is possible. 2) Discuss the budget and timeframe. 3) Enjoy the process of letting us bring your Smart Home to life. All very affordably. 

Next Steps

Be involved: It can occasionally take the interaction between us to get things right. We’ll do the work, but you should be part of the process and have fun with it too. You want the best we can offer for your loved ones in your house, and so you should make the effort of being involved in the process. 

Ask questions: As you see the system come to life, ask questions about what else is possible to enhance the smart home experience. There are many possibilities. Don’t just stick to a specific brand because it is well known. Ask your professional for new and modern trends in the Smart Home world. Be open to suggestions and trying new things. 

Advice From The Pros

Don’t be swayed by false promises: It is so easy to be swayed by promises of “simple solutions” advertised on TV or DIY places like Best Buy. They don’t always work as advertised, and you can/will become frustrated quickly. A professional will give you solid advice based on experience and tested products that won’t fail you. 

Be patient: Test things first and get used to the things that can/will go wrong. Start slowly with your system and get to know how it works. Be patient and trust your professional. 

As a premier home automation and security integrator/installer for Southern California, we are knowledgeable in the technology with over a hundred and thirty years of engineering experience on our staff with advanced degrees. We not only know what works, we know why it works. This helps you get what you need faster and with less hassle. 

Our home automation installers provide home, and business owners complete installation services for a comprehensive suite of automation hardware, including Remote Climate Control, Security Video Monitoring, Automatic Lock Control, Sensor Monitoring, and more. LiveSmart Technologies builds its leading-edge technology solutions using the universal Z-wave home control protocol, ensuring its clients a standard of support and flexibility unavailable to DIY automation units. We serve clients across Orange County, Riverside County, and parts of LA County.

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