DIY – A Reality Check

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Blog by LiveSmart Technologies LLC.

There is a surge of home automation coming and that’s a good thing. Lots of brands and lots of marketing touting how easy it is to install, set up, configure and maintain. So much so that it’s often put in the category of Do It Yourself (DIY). Sounds good, right? Well, not quite so fast.

Let’s first admit that for a couple of simple smart plugs to plug something into and link it to a WiFi app is probably not too bad. If that’s all you’re looking for, you probably could do it yourself. Simple and usually straightforward – if the app and plug cooperate and your WiFi is good.

However, once we start talking about locks and light switches, you may need a pro for installation. There are many good ones but then you need them “paired into the network”. Not rocket science, but not something most electricians or locksmiths will know how to do. Locks can be tricky sometimes and “smart” light switches need a neutral wire almost always. Older homes may not have one, then what?

After you get things installed and paired into the smart network you will probably want events. These are the If/Then variety that trigger based on certain conditions you desire. Again, some are simple and the software is straightforward. However, to get what you really want/need for your home or business more advanced ones could be beneficial or even necessary.

Blog by LiveSmart Technologies LLC.

Then there’s the matter of “putting it all together”. One brand is good for lights. Another is a great sprinkler one. This other one over here opens/closes the garage door. You now have 3 apps you have to open up and oh, by the way, they really don’t interact with each other. So, for example, if you wanted the lights to come on when the garage door is opened but only after sunset, you may find this is not possible – at least not easily.

Blog by LiveSmart Technologies LLC.

This is what LiveSmart recognized early on would be a problem. So we got busy and built a full-featured complete system that integrates all this together in an easy to use mobile app (phone or tablet). Lights, locks, garage doors, thermostats, appliances, security…all under one roof. One app, seamless control. Taking control of your home has never been easier. Further we take care of all the installation, set up and maintenance. Pretty easy:

Step 1 – we show you what’s possible.

Step 2 – you let us know what you want based on that.

Step 3 – we get it, install it and set it all up.

Step 4 – you’re all set with an all-in-one, easy-to-use smart home system that you can control from your phone or tablet.

Remember too that it’s not expensive either and you can add features as your needs change. Check us out at and we’ll get this done for you.