Be Smart By Saving Energy

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It’s hot and that generally means increased use of energy in the late summer months. While our energy bills usually rise we can still manage our electricity use smartly and contain it. Learn how to save energy with home automation.

Smart Thermostat Control

The first obvious way is to manage your thermostat and use only what you need. This means both:

This will let you see the temperature in your home while you are away and make needed adjustments.  This is in addition to the normal programming which can be done on the console screen without the tedious programming on the thermostat itself. So if someone forgets to turn off the A/C when they leave, no problem – just turn it off from the app with a one button “tap.”

1. Ensuring that we’re comfortable when someone is home, but also

2. Allowing it to be a bit warmer when no one is there, which is easily accomplished with a smart thermostat and the LiveSmart app. 

Blog by LiveSmart Technologies LLC.


Not only do lights consume energy but they also generate heat. So why have them on unnecessarily?  Use smart programming of lights at various times and locations in the home. Similar to the remote thermostat control, you can turn the lights down or off while away from the house. An easy to use command/control screen allows this to be done with a simple “tap” or “slider” control.

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You can also control overhead ceiling and plug-in fans from the app while away. Say you check on the temperature downstairs while you are at work and notice it’s getting warm. You have some pets there and are worried about the heat. You can use the thermostat buttons on the app to change the temperate and turn on a few fans with…you guessed it…a tap of a button.

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The modern and elegant looking shades are now “smart” also in that they can be electronically controlled from the app as well. These can be tied to:

This will absolutely cut down on energy usage by blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays during the peak times of the day. Not only that, they’re fun!

1. Time of day

2. Temperature in the room,

3. Light intensity in the room and

4. All of the above. 

Blog by LiveSmart Technologies LLC.

So there are many ways to help you save energy, be “green” and reduce your bills.  All are affordable with a nice return on investment.  As always, we take care of everything and get you up and running fast.Contact us for a free walk-through and estimate.