Live Smart By Saving Energy

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It’s the heat of summer which means swimming, cook-outs, and vacations.  It also means warmer temperatures and more air conditioning. Having the temperature comfortable is what it’s about – but so is saving money. You want the house comfortable when you are there but not unnecessarily when no-one is home.

You can now “have your cake and eat it too” with a smart thermostat and remote control from your mobile device. For sure you can set these up on a programming schedule just like you may do now. However, you can do more – much more. Say you are away from the house and your plans change. You are not going to return home until tomorrow. Simply bring up the app on your phone and change the thermostat setting. It takes about five seconds – and now you can sleep better knowing you are saving money that night.

Or, say you are driving back from the weekend away and it’s hot. You’d like the house cool when you arrive but you know that it can take a while. Simply open up the app and adjust the temperature to a nice comfortable setting, so that the house is cool for you when you arrive – your family will thank you.

Saving energy extends to lighting, too. The same app that adjusted your thermostat can be used to control interior and party lights. Adjust the dimming while out on the patio enjoying the evening. Or if you are away and accidentally left some lights on, no worries – just use the app to turn them down, or off, so you again save energy.

This is just the beginning – because with a smart home you can use various events to control your lights, thermostats and appliances. All within one convenient and easy-to-use app on your tablet to mobile device.  All for affordable prices that are much lower than you would think. Now is a great time to start your smart home and begin saving energy the very same day!