Create A Smart Outdoor Space

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Summer is coming with family, friends, BBQs and fun. A great way to compliment this is with music and nifty night lighting. As day turns to evening and night, your environment can change too. For music, a Sonos system can play all kinds of music. You can have separate music for the kids and adults in different “zones” or all one big party jam of the same music. All at the touch of a button on your mobile device’s “smart app.”

How about some party lights? This can be as simple as a few strategically placed lamps or as fancy as perimeter LEDs that run across the back yard. Have them come on “automagically” at sunset. You can even change colors for effect from (you guessed it…) your mobile phone’s “smart app.”

You may even have a some plug-in devices you want to control on/off. Did you know that a radio, space heater or other appliance can also be controlled from the smart app too? All practical stuff and fun too. With a smart outdoor space, you will certainly impress your guests with how smart you are.

A reminder to check out our products and know that we take care of all installation and set-up. Your job is to sit back, relax, and be the master of your outside space!

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